Sunday, June 10, 2012

oh man

too much has happened to really write a full update. 
also, nobody reads this blog, so it'd be pointless!
uhm, well, i did have four paintings in the show "Art Heist", and they were all claimed in the first night-(they were free), in the upcoming art auction "Art in the Time of Plagiarism" i'll have a few more paintings available for purchase, and then in the month of July the Pick Me Up Cafe will be displaying some of my paintings on its kitschy walls. so exciting. uhm, here's the stuff i've been up to:


Monday, May 14, 2012

*f*artin' around

i'm trying to avoid loafing around [drinking] in my apartment all day, and it turns out that that's difficult, since i haven't been able to find a job just yet and the vast majority of my friends have returned to their respective cities for the summer... but oh well.

here's some of the things i've been doing with my spare time.
you know. besides jobhunting and unpacking and assembling furniture and painting the walls. 

barnacle love.

india ink portrait of my sibling for our mother

india ink portrait of my me for my mother
here's a gouache squid that i sketched, painted, and inked entirely while under the influence of many many many rum and cokes. i am shocked at how well this came out.

rockin' and rollin'.
in my apartment.
just me, sissy spacek, and shelley duvall.

Friday, May 4, 2012

One More Try

tomorrow i flee my beloved dorm and begin the transfer into my shiny new apartment. 
gosh, the new experiences just keep on stacking up. it's madness.

you know what? my stop-motion final is never going to upload here. i don't know why, but i'm just gonna go ahead and accept that. so, i guess, if anyone cares/reads this stupid thing, here's a link to it on my vimeo.

also, here is this slightly offensive-looking painting that i did:

here's a painting that i did right after finishing my very last animation project of sophomore year:

oh, and here's a painting that i've been working on for ages that i will probably never finish:

i'm a scatterebrained mess right now, but at least i'm a scatterbrained mess with an address. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

oh, hey there

long time no see!

it's starting to wind down over here, [thank blargh], and all of my animations are... DONE. 
so... here they are! the fruit of my labors:

this one's for my digital animation techniques class, it wasn't so difficult, but the late assignment date was a bit stressful.

this one i've been working on for literally all semester. ga-a-ah.

stop-motion. dear god. it won't even load
it really DID almost kill me. kill me dead.

moving into the new apartment on sa-a-a-aturday, i cannot wait for my sister to see it. 
actually, i can't wait to start putting up posters and art and things... our place is gonna be awesomepossum!

keep it real
- marissa

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i'm in panic mode and it is absolute pandemonium over here. 
also, they changed the blogger page. dang.

anyway, here's a quick gouache thingie that i made in between finals, apartment hunting, and being curled in the fetal position:

wish me luck, 
i really need it right now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

an odyssey

today was an odd day.

my friend and her girlfriend and i were late to a performance this afternoon because we had to find a sandwich shop for this homeless fellow, and the-e-en we got lost.

it was totally awesome.

now it is positively pouring outside and i love it. 
also, mad men is on in two hours- ooooooh!